As scientists, we get excited by research projects. Since Pisces’ founding in 1997, Pisces has led or been involved in a variety of project types including vaccine development, plasmid-based qPCR positive controls, microbiome fingerprinting and gene editing.

Pisces Molecular led a NOAA-funded project to use a reverse genetics approach to develop a live attenuated vaccine for Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus (ISAV). More recently, we constructed expression plasmids for a DNA vaccine for ISAV. Pisces received Phase I and Phase II SBIR awards from NOAA to develop plasmid-based qPCR positive control kits including Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) dinoflagellates, B.d.+B.sal.+Ranavirus, and NGS 16S+ITS spike-in control (more details on these in the Supplies pages). We have developed a simple sex identification assay for Komodo Dragons and other monitor lizards and are currently working to see how broadly this can be extended to other lizard species. Pisces has received funding and is gearing up for a project to use gene editing to make Kokanee Salmon resistant to infection by Gill Lice, and has submitted a grant proposal to use microbiome fingerprints as indicators for Dreissenid mussel susceptibility. We welcome you to contact us regarding any research projects you have planned or in progress. We believe that molecular genetics is a powerful toolbox and love to use the tools to solve new problems.