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We believe that part of our task is to educate clients, potential clients, and even the public at large. There’s no doubt that molecular genetics is powerful, but the technology and terminology can be daunting. At Pisces Molecular, our goal is to support the advance of science and conservation.

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Detect the spread of disease organisms

  • We can test for diseases that could be threatening in an environment. PCR testing allows for sensitive detection of disease organisms in an environment allowing design and early implementation of management plans to help prevent spread of the disease

Confirm presence or absence of endangered or invasive species

  • Using eDNA samples & PCR we can rapidly detect a rare species in an environment, either endangered or non-native, without requiring invasive sampling techniques.

Assess wildlife habitats

  • We can also test for many organisms at once - everything that has DNA or RNA. Such “biome” assessments allow monitoring of ecosystem stability, changes, or susceptibility to changes.

Determine purity, hybridization and the phylogenetics of endangered species

  • We have utilized a variety of molecular markers and analysis methods to accurately determine genetic purity, hybridization or phylogenetic relationships of individuals or populations.

Answer novel research questions

  • We have designed many new assays, improved upon existing assays, and have worked with a wide array of species, sample types and genetic markers. If DNA or RNA is involved, we will likely be able to find a way to help answer your research question.

We hope our expanded glossary and answers to common questions will fill in any gaps in your understanding of PCR testing and the potential of applying molecular genetics to animal and environmental DNA (eDNA) samples in the field of fisheries, wildlife, and conservation biology.
For more in-depth information, read the whitepapers and research papers that we have coauthored.