Diagnostic assays for presence of pathogens, invasive species or endangered species (with environmental DNA samples), species identification or purity, sex identification, and DNA sequencing.

Among the assays we commonly run are:

  • Pathogens: Chytrid fungus (B. dendrodatidis and B. salamandrivorans), Trout Whirling Disease (M. cerebralis), Snake Fungal Disease (O. ophiodiicola), Ranavirus
  • Invasive species: Dreissenid mussels, Unionidae mussels, Eurasian Watermilfoil, Asian Clam, New Zealand Mud Snail, Didymo, non-native salmonids (Brook, Brown and Rainbow Trout)
  • Endangered species: Boreal Toad, Cutthroat Trout, Northern Leopard Frog, Ozark Cavefish, Niangua Darter, Hornyhead Chub, Hellbender, Round Goby, Blanding’s Turtle, Topeka Shiner
  • Species ID and/or genetic purity or hybridization: trout, suckers, toads, crayfish, bats
    Sex Identification: birds, bats, salmonids, monitor lizards
  • DNA Sequencing: Sanger DNA sequencing and in the near future, Next Generation Sequencing

We are happy to add published assays for new species. Please inquire about your species of interest!