Assay Development

We have been involved in environmental DNA (eDNA) testing since 2008 and have developed eDNA sample collection procedures and supplies as well as new assays for many species.

  • Cutthroat Trout
  • Hornyhead Chub
  • Northern Redbelly Dace
  • Niangua Darter
  • Clubshell and Snuffbox mussels

We have developed sample pooling procedures for a variety of sample types, including skin swabs, tadpole mouth parts and tubifex worms. We have developed DNA extraction and cleanup techniques for a wide variety of sample types, ranging from single mosquito legs to feathers to bulk fecal samples. PCR and qPCR assay development includes assay optimization, SYBR Green, multiplex and high-resolution melt curve qPCR assays, QA/QC round-robin trials, and forensic source identification assays. We routinely develop and utilize a variety of genetic markers including AFLPs, microsatellites, SNPs, mitochondrial haplotypes, and DNA barcodes. We are continually developing assays for new species and new genetic questions, and invite you to inquire about solutions for your particular needs.